About us


To be a center of excellence for people development.


To contribute to Bahrain's development through sharing HRM knowledge and professional expertise.


  1. To enhance the quality and effectiveness of Human Resources Management and Development in Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf.
  2. To encourage organizations in their efforts to train Bahrainis and ensure effective Bahrainisation.
  3. To create training awareness amongst decision makers in organizations and encourage them to invest in the training and development of their employees.
  4. To promote the personal and professional development of members in training and development through exposure to current thinking and best practices.
  5. To arrange programmes that develops the skills and knowledge of HR professionals.
  6. To encourage the exchange of information and ideas related to the development of people and explain their practical implications to organizations.
  7. To provide training and development information and guidance to organizations, training institutes and research students.
  8. To contribute to the range of training programmes offered in The Kingdom of Bahrain and support the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in providing the necessary counsel and advice, research etc.