Bahrain Society for Training and Development is a Professional non-profit organization founded by a group of personalities, experts, employees and those interested in training and human resource development during 1979, and gradually progressed until its expansion in 1991 to be a partner with public and private sector institutions through many programs and events related to training and human resources development.

The organization is managed by its own members through the election of a group of members who form a diverse group of trainers and personnel in the human resources sector to form a board composed of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, it is composed of 11 members. The method of their work is in accordance with the rules of procedure issued to organize the work of the society, which is based on the regulations and laws of the societies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Board of Directors of the society manages the affairs of the members and to explore their views and achieve their common goals. The members of the society can carry out their activities and share their experiences and learn about the latest developments in human development at a permanent headquarters.

The Board of Directors is reconstituted every two years by electing members who are entitled to participate and express opinion according to the conditions related to membership. Therefore, this institution is one of the largest institutions that gathers a large number of specialists in the field of training and human resources development.